Company: history

TDM was founded by a group of breeders and zootechnicals who felt the need to bring into the Italian market the best technology available in the international landscape. Thanks to the meeting with Afimilk herd management systems, TDM becomes the first company who believe strongly in the applied computer science among the dairy farms. The key of TDM success it’ s in the choice to what it’s called “ zootechnical approach “, not only with forefront technology and computerized system, but also with professionals dairy technicians for costumers services and a steadly collaboration with the research Institutes. Moreover TDM designs and develops milking machines which integrates with computerized system of the farms, following-up the process started more then twenty years ago with hight technological and innovative systems which completed, year after year, the range of TDM products to becomes a successful partner for each kind of dairy farms. Thanks to the collaboration with specialized Companies and dairy knowledge, TDM is able to provide plans to develop dairy projects “ turnkey”.

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