Blue Feed – Feed conveyor

The BlueFeed will follow its magnet strip up to 40 times per day.  It will efficiently push food back to the fences. And it will even adapt to the quantity of food left in the curb!

The programmation is easy, the robot is reliable and does not require heavy maintenance. Once its job done, it will go back to its charging station until the next departure.

Because your cattle will have access to fresh food all day long, day after day. There will be an increased milk production and feed costs reduction.

  • Self-guided feed pusher robot replaces the ration multiple times a day;
  • Simple, efficient and reliable thanks to the ground-inserted magnet strip;
  • Full consumption of ration Increases milk according to Journal of Animal Science;
  • Automaticaly adapts the food pushing distance to the curb, without programation;
  • No Risk of loss of control;
  • Low maintenance.

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