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The goal of every company is the production, but in order to reach it we can’t disregard any aspect; fertility and health are two crucial aspects which are constantly monitored by the Afimilk system. The milk meter will indicate every day and for every milking, the production of the animals, but together with the pedometer, will allow us to monitor also health problems (decrease in milk production, mastitis) heats but also lameness or unease conditions of the animal.



Today the health has to be played in advance. Identify precociously diseases and intervene as soon as possible grants a faster recovery of the animal, less aggressive therapies and a lower veterinary expense.

Afimilk helps us to identify in the bud mastitis and other main metabolic diseases in high production cows such as Ketosis and acidosis (SARA)



They key of the success of the modern dairy farm is definitely the management but, to manage in a perfect way the numbers are mandatory, Afimilk allows us to turn many numbers, too many sometimes, in useful information to evaluate in an objective way the status of our farm. In this way only it is possible to really measure the results  of the farm and take both daily decisions and long term decision.

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