We can consider Nutriservice s.r.l. a young company quickly grown bringing new technologies in a market to traditional and not always very open to novelty, we tried to move innovating, The excellent product designed and manufactured led us to grow fast on the market, in parallel has grown the structure of the company in the various processes. We can safely say that what characterizes our company on the market is the ability to make innovation and professionalism zootechnics with which we follow the customer step by step in the use of the system sold teaching them how to use business data to better manage their organization.

The General Management, in fact, favors the business growth through an approach for processes and based on the management of the risks, considering the factors positive, negative, internal and external to the organization. It pursues the fundamental objectives of offering a first class product/service, continuously improved and that even exceeds the expectations of customers, measuring their satisfaction. It is committed to encouraging, training and assisting all staff to fully develop their skills, and to ensuring a healthy, safe and process-appropriate infrastructure and environment.

Our approach with respect to competitors is zootechnical and not plant, even if obviously all the regulations in force are respected, This means that we take account of the needs of animals in a concrete way by developing products aimed at improving the performance of animals and operators.
The fast growth and the approach to new foreign markets have stimulated us to improve the quality system of our company and hence the decision to certify us UNI EN ISO 9001.

  • The General Management of Nutriservice S.r.l. defines below the key aspects on which to base its business philosophy by process:
    Commercial, try to cover areas and probe new foreign markets, in order to expand in terms of new customers, thereby increasing the skills of our organization and improving the level of customer satisfaction;
  • Design, innovate in terms of new plant components in an acceptable time and provide the inventory with the plant lists within a defined time so that it can prepare the material for the construction sites correctly and in time;
    • Production and purchases, minimize the delays in the execution of the order, look for the best mix of quality and price on the market, trying to increase the number of selected partners;
    • Installation, improve the process in such a way as to minimize installation times and the repetition of any errors;
    • Relevant technical assistance for our company due to the continuous need on the part of the breeder to replace the so-called consumables;to train the customer on the use of the plant, which as noted above, will have.

This Policy is pursued by the General Directorate of Nutriservice S.r.l. in order to allow the application, improvement and development of the Quality Management System adopted.
The General Direction, moreover, undertakes so that the above is revised and updated to every eventual change of the business strategic addresses, is disseminated, implemented and shared by the whole company structure and is made available, as appropriate, to all interested parties.



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