Automatic calves feeder

Feed with small portions, several times a day, is important to reach an optimal growth for calves and respect their physiology, as is done in nature.

The Alma Pro feeder allows us to feed each calf automatically, according to the growth curve set by the farmer. The milk (whole milk or milk powder) is available 24 hours a day, with constant temperature and optimal hygiene conditions.

We do not have to forget that, besides granting an important labor-saving, the use of the automatic feeder ensures a more natural farming condition for calves and in the meantime, it provides a constant and accurate control of the feed quantity ingested by each single calf allowing to promptly locate the animals with any problem.

The automatic feeder Alma Pro allows also to check animal’s data with the feeder touch screen monitor but also through the personal computer, smartphone or tablet.

Each milk preparation station can be linked with a number of independent station from 1 to 4. Stations are managed in parallel, which means that the milk is distributed at the same time in all stations, without waiting time for calves

In case of need it is possible to hand out pharmacological treatments on the entire group of calves fed by the same station but also on single calves chosen by the farmer.

The automatic feeder Alma Pro is equipped with a washing system completely programmable. This recirculation washing system allows us to wash also the tubes containing milk which connect the preparation unit and the station. The washing system are carried out with 2 detergents (acid and alkaline) and it also possible to set frequency and duration.