MOOV – Feed conveyor

MOOV 2.0 Feed conveyor

TDM now offers an improved smarter feeding solution. The Moov 2.0 is a fully automatic feed pusher robot that is suitable for any barn.

The feed pusher robot is a great help during the day, but at night it really comes into its own. While you enjoy a good night’s sleep, the robot automatically pushes the roughage. As a result, the lower ranking cows can also access fresh feed 24/7. This reduces selection and helps to reduce tension in the herd as the animals know that feed is readily available whenever they want it.

The result? Higher feed intake resulting in higher milk yield.


  • Cabinet control
  • Speed 12 metres/minute
  • Electrically driven drum
  • Stainless steel drum
  • Direct drive on the wheels thanks to hypoid drive system
  • Special profile on the wheels
  • Castor: 140 mm
  • Transponders and teach-in principle
  • Weight: 680 kg
  • J-Touch control
  • Connectionvia J-Link pro
  • The turning direction of the drum is clockwise or anti-clockwise. This can be modified as required.
  • Robot height: 1013 mm
  • Diameter top cover: 1317 mm (front to back)
  • Diameter top cover: 1280 mm (left to right)
  • Drum diameter: 1140 mm
  • Loading at the front of the machine