Afi Collar®

Healthier, Better Performing Cows with AfiCollar
AfiCollar uses a proprietary 3D accelerometer to effectively monitor motion patterns.

Patented, unique technology
• Durable, long-life battery and robust mechanical design
• Accurate identification in parlor
• Proprietary 3D accelerometer to effectively monitor motion patterns
• Long-range wireless technology
• NFC tag enables easier use with mobile devices
• Accessible anytime, anywhere with Afi2Go Pro mobile app

Heat detection that stands out
The AfiCollar provides 95% detection sensitivity in diverse farm conditions, and includes optimized algorithms for cows and heifers, and for various regimes
such as closed barns and pasture.
3 sensors, 1 health monitoring package
Rumination is a sensitive, early indicator for health issues. However, multiple factors may cause a drop in rumination, making it highly susceptive to false
alarms. The AfiCollar combines rumination, chewing and activity detection for accurate alerts to health issues such as:
• Mastitis
• Ketosis
• Digestion problems
• Feed quality
• Fresh cows for production progress
• General health