The heat detection system is based on the pedometer Afitag II. This little but strong device is applied at the cow’s leg and it’s in charge of monitoring her locomotor activity (number of steps) and her rest behavior (how long the animal is lied down and how long is standing). Thanks to the wireless technology, these data are sent automatically to a dedicated antenna every 15 minutes therefore transferred to the Afifarm management software every hour. In this way the software will be able to monitor every hour the “standard behavior” of each single animal of the herd and it will promptly warn us if any cow will show an increase of activity exceeding the attention parameter set. Thanks to this technology we can even decide to receive a sms warning us about the starting moment of the cow’s heat, allowing us to consult in detail the situation of the animal by an average smartphone. The heat detection Afiact didn’t just tell us which animal is in heat, but also how many hours the heat started, giving us the possibility to choose more precisely the best moment for the fecundation in order to obtain the highest conception rate possible. The same system, monitoring also dry cows, is able to detect the behavior of the animal which is approaching to the moment of birth and send us a warning of “ imminent birth”. The rest monitoring system instead, allow us to verify if the animal resting time is correct, the animal in fact lay down not only to sleep, but also for the rumination and rest his limbs. A good rest will result in an increased milk production and in a better hoof health. Now it is also possible to download the new Afimilk app on your smartphone or tablet and receive real-time notifications about the health status of the herd.