Milk automatic separation

Automatic milk separation

The automatic separation of the milk foresees the possibility to separate non-conforming milk in a second appropriate milk pipe. The milking parlor in which we apply the automatic separation has to be equipped with an animal identification system Afimilk on every milking stall. When the animal is identified, if the milk separation is required (for high SSC, milk with antibiotic, colostrum ), a special valve will reroute the flow towards the second milk pipe. If also the milk analyzer Afimilk is installed, it is possible to set automatic separation routines based on milk quality characteristics ( fats, proteins ) measured in real time by Afilab.

Another milk classification system called MCS (patented) allows the farmer to separate the milk depending on its cheese making attitude. Through Afilab in fact, we can read, every 200 grams of milk obtained, its greater or lesser capacity to comply with the cheesemaking process.

Sending in 2 different tanks (in a complete automatic way) , the milk with better cheesemaking attitude and the one allocated for other purposes ( raw milk, yogurt ), we will obtain a better yield in cheese (at equal amount of milk used ) which may vary from a 8-15% more ( depending on the “selection” applied between the 2 types of milk 50:50, 70:30)

Such technology has been developed in Italy thanks to a research project subsidized by the European community. (check the official site: