Rotary milking parlour with internal milking


The rotary milking parlour with internal milking is designed for the herringbone positioning of the animals with an angle of 30°. The visibility of the udder and the worker comfort during the joint phase are those typical of the traditional herringbone milking parlour. The cage is installed on a metal platform covered by a cement floor. The rotation is made through teflon wheels activated by geared motors. This type of milking parlour do not need a hole for the milking because the animals are positioned above the working level of the operators.


Technical Characteristics

  • Squared and rounded section tubulars
  • Stall interaxe on external diameter 140 cm
  • Stalls number from 20 to 40
  • In galvanized iron or stainless steel
  • Movement by geared motors
  • Available with customized feed distribution
  • Available with Backflush (washing clusters after each cow milked exit )
  • Available with electronics milk meters and computerized management system


With the innovative AD 4.0 system, the farmer has the ability to keep his farm under control thanks to a single touch panel on which to set different parameters for both the milking parlor and the refrigeration and ventilation system.

For example, it is possible to adjust the milking vacuum values, all the settings for washing the system and the tank, as well as the temperatures and pressures of the refrigeration units in real time, setting the desired parameters and receiving automatic alerts in case of anomalies.

Control is also possible remotely with a simple internet connection.

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