External vertical tank

External vertical tank

Livestock holdings are increasing the number of animals and the efficiency with the consequence of an increase of the production of milk to be cooled and storaged. Very often you have to deal with the dimensions of the milking room and the storaga tank capacity. That’s why more and more frequently external vertical tanks called “silos” are taken into considerations because they solve the problem.

It is appropriate both for small-medium companies, which will avoid construction works and big companies which will require a huge milking room therefore they do not need any wide open space.

The cooling of the mili s managed by a exchanger which allow a milk pre-cooling to 24° with well water ( this last it is used later for animals watering ) and a further instant cooling to 4° with ice water. The same ice water is used to keep the milk temperature stable even in the summer days. The ice builder will have to be sized appropriately in function of the quantity of milk which has to be cooled.

Both vertical tank and ice builders are available in different capacity and therefore very versatile to meet the demands of the modern agricultural holdings


  • Vertical tank can be placed outdoor, avoiding the necessity of building a big milking room, as it happens in case of horizontal tanks.
  • Instant milk cooling technology interrupts immediately the bacterial growth