Heat recovery system


The continuous increase of energy required to carry out the milking productive process and relative milk cooling to the farm, has brought to the application of tools, as the heating recovery system in order to improve the energy efficiency while trying to reduce costs and limit pollution.

The heat produced by the compression of the cooling gas during the process of milk cooling, can be recovered through the addition of a water heater of appropriate dimensions which contains an heat exchanger. All the cooling systems produce heat during the compressing phase of the gas and this, normally, is dispersed by appropriate condensers equipped with heat exchanger fans. In this specific situation the heat produced is used to warm the water at a variable temperature between 55° and 65° reducing or removing the usage of electricity, gas or other combustibles normally used for this purpose and at the same time reducing the functioning of fans therefore the energy consumption. The cycle is repeating every milking because the water is used by various utilities ( equipment washing, sanitary ) and for balance reasons the water is recalled inside the water heater. This cold water will have again the task to absorb the heat produced by the cooling unit.